The SchoolSOFT software has been developed over a period of 7 years, since 2008. We have been leaning new lessons on a daily basis and today the SchoolSOFT Version 14 stands for it. Majority (> 98%) requirements of any schools are covered in the package and the system is well stabilized for the comfortable journey.

Microsys technical team is continuously striving to  optimize the package based on the input we receive from the end users, technological changes that are happening in the world time to time, functional changes due to various decisions made by govt departments, boards etc.

“SchoolSOFT” being a customizable package, is capable of meeting your specific requirements (if any). The software is extremely flexible which makes the application very scalable.

Continuous up gradations in the software is done by our highly committed R&D team and it makes features of the software rich and dynamic. The futuristic based approach on product upgradation and effective feedback system from the clients enables the company to come up with value additions in the software and to remain as Leader in the industry. This is how “SchoolSOFT” stands out in the highly competitive School ERP marketplace.


Both on-site and off-site supports are provided as per needs and requirements. CRM support, Tele support, email and remote desktop/ remote system administrator/VPN comprising of main off-site support techniques / tools.

Microsys’s implementation is well known for smooth and comfortable implementation with in a short span of 20-30 days in general.  In some of the cases an additional training and hand holding sessions are held to smooth the rolling out process.

We have technical staff and marketing staff placed across the country for software implementation and for site support, additional training etc.

We have a dedicated CRM portal to acknowledge all services that will maintain the requests given to tech team, the services (Level 1 or 2) extended and closed with date and time.


We undertake the responsibility of software, hosting, data, regular support and smooth transition to upgraded versions over a period of time. Hence we do prepare a SLA to avoid any disputes in the future. This clearly mention  the duties and responsibilities of both the parties (school & company).

Like any other technical system, maintenance service is required for the installed software, but the maintenance method and technology are different from other technical system. The development of the software is being done and the purposeful customisation of the package is carried out by Microsys. Functionality of the software varies from institution to institution. Modifications need proper documentation and records to ensure support in the future.

Software Development has many phases. These phases include Requirements Engineering, Architecting, Design, Implementation, Testing, Software Deployment, and Maintenance. Maintenance is the last stage of the software life cycle. After the product has been released, the maintenance phase keeps the software up to date with environment changes and changing user requirements. The earlier phases should be done so that the product is easily maintainable. Similarly, the implementation phase should create code that can be easily read, understood, and changed. Maintenance can only happen efficiently if the earlier phases are done properly.

There are four major problems that can slow down the maintenance process: unstructured code, maintenance programmers having insufficient knowledge of the system, documentation being absent, out of date, or at best insufficient, and software maintenance having a bad image. The success of the maintenance phase relies on these problems being fixed earlier in the life cycle. We have done our best as per the industry standards to support our clients in future. IT services are not tangible but it is purely an association with concept and knowledge.

Please note: It is said that “ERP implementation is a journey not a destination”. Since we understand best we serve it under SAAS (Software As A Service) model.