Student Administration

Student Administration ----- Powerful central database

Control & manage all student information with an ease.

With a domain experience since 2008 and continuous working with more than 500 schools, we have premeditated the school administration system that will do the heavy processing so SchoolSOFT® can be a helping hand to school for their administrative work.

Every category of school (private, public , day scholar , residential) majorly focus on Student Information System as it is the most essential part of their administrative work and the overall improvement of students.

Everyday more than 500 schools are using SchoolSOFT® across the globe to manage their student information from personal information, parental information, attendance, grading and report card, discipline, health, behavior etc.

Student administration system is developed for administrative department to have a proper control and easy access to data. System is fully integrated to allow proper flow of information in all departments.

School Online feature is an advantage to the parents and school for better two way communication. In school online parents will be able to see details related to their child.

After heavy lifting of student data we provide some output to schools in term of Reports. SchoolSOFT® is working with K-12 schools since 2008, so we have understood each and every requirement what a school can want for reporting purpose. We have almost each and every report in our report section that will allow teachers, staff and management to have most appropriate decision at right time.

Use SchoolSOFT for your student administration and Just relax your spare time !!