Registration & Admission

Enquiry is the initial step for admission process in the school. We provide you the solution that will take care of the whole cycle from enquiry, registration to admission. CampusCare® also allows you to keep a track of enquiry like mode of enquire, follow-up, form submitted, closed.

Student can register online or offline for various courses in school but process, segregation and sorting of hundreds of application forms is a tedious task for any admission department. In the other hand getting enquiries and follow also become easy by using the online tool.

SchoolSOFT® registration module take care the process so simplified and hurdle free. The registration process will culminate in admit card generation for entrance examination and interview.

The result of entrance examination and interview will be processed for admission selection procedure.
Selection of student will be based on prior set of criteria and reservations.

Final selected student will be provided with ‘active’ student status for a particular academic year or semester.


  • Online registration
  • Follow up details
  • Screening test
  • Admission
  • Wide searching facility