Microsys Technologies, Gorakhpur (U.P), is an India based Software Development Company specialized in providing windows based ERP solutions to schools and various kinds of higher education and vocational training institutes. Microsys Technologies. Ltd was incorporated in early 2008 - specializing in its core area of expertise, namely School Management software. SchoolSOFT®, are the registered trade marks of Microsys Technologies, Gorakhpur (U.P). The softwares are copyrighted to protect their identity.

The optimal performance of the software and quality & timely support have retained major part of clients over the years. Today we are an established national player and expanding in the international arena. We have successful installations in 26 states and in some of the international locations as well.

With core expansion knowledge and domain proficiency for over a decade , and more than 500 satisfied, esteemed institutions in India, today, Microsys is highly placed in the Global scenario and is poised to reach new heights of success in its chosen field of expertise- School management software / ERP.

Our motto is “Deliver beyond the expectation”. Hence we have successfully crossed the mile stone of 14th successful year of performance and are looking forward to deliver the best. We ensure your road for functioning is through, well before the users vouch for it.

Breaking New Grounds

Imparting education with  a touch of technology and freeing educators from mundane activities, while enabling them to concentrate on their core competencies, that is dissemination of knowledge.

This’s what microsys seeks to achieve through its established and proven IT or ICT tool - SchoolSOFT.

SchoolSOFT is a marvel of software technology offers unparalleled ease of use, immense flexibility, total integration, and unmatched speed and reliability to make it a powerful tool which enhances the growth of an institute and its students. What’s more it has also gone a long way in improving the brand value of the schools.

Some of the areas where CampusCare has been proven to be of immense value include:

  • Digitalize the data and simplify the repeated tasks
  • Systematic working of an institution
  • Proper accounting of students, staff, material and activities
  • Excellent communication with all stake holders
  • Transparency of information and work with actual figures
  • Timely decision making with actual values.
  •  Reduce the overheads, manpower dependability, saves time and money.

Having evolved with close interactions of over 15 years with leading educationists, administrators, teaching faculty of schools and luminaries in the academic world, SchoolSOFT Software takes care of 100% accountability of man, money and material of an institution along with most of the peripheral activities. It helps improve the accountability, systematic working, transparency, communication between the departments, also with parents, transparency and allows the management to take higher level of decision based on actual values.

Boasting of over 500 leading institutions spread across India and outside as its clientele, microsys is driven by innovation and creativity. To help institutes manage their resources more effectively and efficiently, it has been able to build and offer reputed and standard software with necessary customization. It also offers its clients proven advantages in terms of cost, time, and quality, and thus adding value to their business.

What distinguishes microsys is its Technical  Support.  They understand it as a journey that need to be accompanied. Working with an aim to see the ‘smile on the face of the customer,’ this serves as the driving force and takes the company miles ahead of its competitors. Keeping abreast with time microsys is a future ready company modifying and upgrading itself with the changing times, technology and functionality. microsys strongly believes the client schools and technical hands are the asset of the company and the management leaves no stone unturned to improve it further and at any scale. No doubt it has made a name for itself, and earned credibility by delivering high quality products while offering exceptional services. Our focus has always been on improving our knowledge, technology and services.

Working with best talent in the fields of Information Technology, Education and Management, microsys is a perfect blend of talent and experience. It is also relentless in its pursuit of quality. It is blessed with an ardent bunch of people that toil hard in making microsys a global leader in the industry. Each member brings deep business acumen and domain expertise, helping the company to grow ahead of the industry. The dedication of our team members and their intrinsic motivation acts as a fuel to run the organization towards the path of success. The trust and respect the company enjoys acts as a catalyst in its efforts towards maintaining the common objective of making microsys the most preferred IT service provider in this domain.