Fee Management System

Fee Collection: Simplified

The fee collection plays a vital role in school management and that is achived through SchoolSOFT - the established school management software in India.

We all know the timely  fee collection giving right information about expected, received and the balances as on date  is the major concern for all educational institutes as Fee collected from students is the major source of income for any school. Due to the high importance of Fee Collection Data, it becomes highly mandatory for the school authorities to maintain the fee collection data using a quality system for fee accounting and proper reporting. If we work with a reliable school  automation software the job is very simple and comfortable , that reduces or minimses the loss happens at the counter or overseen by the accounts staff. We could notice that many education institution handle the fee accounting along with caution money accounting is a tedious task and at times they are likely to have pending list of  collection.

This is where microsys comes in picture with its fully functional and well established  Fee Collection software that works exceptionaly well over the years. Fee Collection Process has been simplified in the package after keeping in mind all the possible fee collection scenarios. We have  practiically implemented the SchoolSOFT software - the school automation software and proved the fee collection happens by projecting  the expected, maintains the actual receipts and the balances. The balances break up is also a necessity for any school to organise their finance expenses.

With advance technology, the SchoolSOFT has also evolved making the fee collection software totally automated and hands-free by incorporating various features like Fee Excel File Uploading Facility” which saves time for a Manpower to post entries in the software and also saves time for a parent to stand in a queue for making a Fee Deposit making it a win-win situation for both school and parents.

This module is for student’s fee billing, providing school/colleges with powerful feature for both private and public institutions. Designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, the fee module will save your staff an enormous amount of time in invoicing, data entry and financial record keeping. It efficiently tracks the many details of your past, future, and current fee receipts.

Prints more than 50 customized reports.

Pack data and record locking, which is very unique for added/high level security.